The Kookaburra Cookies booth, run by Eli Vedral, was extremely successful as all its cookies sold out at the Creighton Farmers Market on Sept. 18. Known for selling its trademarked “strumble” cookies, Kookaburra Cookies is a local business in Omaha and Lincoln. On Friday, Kookaburra Cookies featured its coffee cake, red velvet and seasonal candy bar flavored cookies (inspired by Snickers) at the farmers market. “It’s been going really well so far as I’ve sold out of two of my three flavors,” Vedral said at the time of recording, before completely selling out. The red velvet cookies sold out first, followed by the coffee cake and seasonal candy bar flavor. Alex Klingman, a College of Arts and Sciences junior, shared her thoughts after trying the coffee cake flavor. “I like how the cookie isn’t really brittle, but rather more delicate,” Klingman said. “I also really like how the hint of cinnamon compliments the overall taste of the cookie as well.” Seeing that Creighton students thoroughly enjoyed Kookaburra Cookies, Vedral mentioned how students could get their cookies other than at Creighton’s farmers market. “Not a lot of students know, but I deliver to Creighton for free,” Vedral said. “So, if you message me on Instagram or Facebook @kookaburracookies, I’ll bring your cookies right to you.” The Creighton Farmers Market also hosted a variety of local vendors offering a wide selection of foods and accessories. In total, roughly eight unique vendors were featured for consumers to check out. Straying away from the typical farmers market products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, vendors at the farmers market sold eccentric items, such as lip balm, salsa and shaved ice. Other notable booths sold jewelry, gluten-free sourdough bread and classic American foods, such as burgers and chicken sandwiches. In addition to the vendors, the Creighton Students Union offered free tote bags for students to pack their purchases in and Creighton’s Recreation and Wellness gave away free apples for "Fresh Fruit Friday."

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