The VIP Center, Creighton Theater and The Lieben Center recently hosted the event Paint Riot Repeat, an opportunity for students to create artwork to be featured in the upcoming senior thesis production, 'Riot Repeat.'

“‘Riot Repeat’ is a modern retelling of the suffragette movement,” said the production’s playwright, College of Arts and Sciences senior Vivian Parr. “It attempts to see how feminism today is similar and different to feminism 100 years ago.”

Parr explained that incorporating students’ art into the show was a priority, because student artists are the focus of the production. All of the artwork created at Paint Riot Repeat will be exhibited outside of the blackbox theater for audience members to view while walking in and out of the show.

“My idea is that they [students’ artwork] sort of explode out of the theater, so they will be displayed as people are coming into the blackbox to see the show,” said the show’s director, College of Arts and Sciences junior Allana Pommier.

With this event, the goal is to create conversations about gender, equality and justice. College of Arts and Sciences junior Bhavan Chana spoke about this, touching on how her own experiences have shaped her outlook on these topics.

“My mom was an immigrant,” Chana said. “She came here when she was 21, and she had to start from the ground up...It’s important to recognize the intersectionality between all these different social issues. It’s not just gender isolated, it’s about ‘What does it mean to be a woman? A woman of faith? A woman of color? A woman who perhaps came from a different country?’ Those kinds of things are really important to talk about, so I think programs like this are awesome.”

The artwork made at Paint Riot Repeat will be on display at “Riot Repeat” Nov. 7-10 at the blackbox of Creighton’s Lied Center. Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door of each performance.

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