In a time when local music venues and art exhibits are not open to the public, it’s more important than ever to support local artists in whatever ways possible. 

In recognizing this, Culxr House hosted its first Black Culxr Matters Block Fest on Oct. 2. This was one of the many events it hosts in order to support local Black artists and celebrate Black culture within the Omaha community. 

“Culxr House is a creative safe space [where] artists, creatives and entrepreneurs can build skill and resources for stability,” said Marcey Yates, the founder of Culxr House. 

At this street fest, members of the Omaha community shared in an evening full of music, speeches and art. 

Whether artist or art spectator, there was something for everyone and never a dull moment. 

Activities included browsing through the artists’ setups, painting on the art walls, playing cornhole, dancing in a dance circle and participating in the 5 p.m. bike tour. 

“We hope to continue to engage the community in creative, positive ways through arts and culture using our freedoms,” said Yates. “We are inspiring the next wave of Black leaders in the community.” 

Like most other careers, a career in the arts is full of risk-taking and many hardships, and it’s the reason why the term “struggling artist” is so prevalent. 

Spaces like Culxr House provide both a place for Black artists to tell their stories and support in turning their potential into success. 

In order to support Culxr House, be sure to visit its website and follow its social media pages to stay up to date on their events. 

“We host weekly events such as open mics and workshops for development in creative arts and in our community,” said Yates. 

Some of the local artists and performers at the street fest were Kiwi, Decker Woods, Dj Nick Bliss and Dj Sweetlife. 

Some of the artists were Mars Black with Wolf of Bees, Rosalia Alexis and Rickey Powell. 

The speakers were attorney Timothy Ashford, Erica Jay with Opus Collective, and Laugh Yoga Coach and Laughologist Holistically Healarious.

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