Photo of Creighton's Relay for Life

Participants walk around the KFC track at Relay for Life. 

The Colleges Against Cancer club hosted the annual Relay For Life event at the Kiewit Fitness Center on Friday, where 700 participants on 27 teams raised more than $40,000. 

The event, which lasted from 7 p.m. on Friday to 5 a.m. Saturday, began with the survivor walk where cancer survivors walked three laps around the track by themselves, while every participant lined up on the inner edges of the track to cheer them on. 

For the rest of the night, the main activity was walking around the indoor track to represent the idea that cancer never sleeps. At least one participant from each team was required to walk around the track at all times.  

President of the Colleges Against Cancer club Alanna Vance said that participants may feel like wanting to give up at midnight, but she urged them to keep going. 

“The sun rising in the early morning symbolizes the end of treatment, and the start of a new day symbolizes hope for many more days,” Vance said.   

Heider College of Business freshman Brisa Banuelos said, “I feel like this is a good cause to have my first official all-nighter.”

Students could also participate in various activities, play volleyball or basketball and visit the different booths.

Before the luminaria event, Arts and Sciences sophomore Alyssa Ellerbusch spoke about her mother’s seven-year battle with cancer.   

“As you walk the track and look at these incredible luminarias, reflect on the happiness and light that each of these people brought into our lives,”  Ellerbusch said. “Always be inspired by the light of these names and the hope they represent. Allow their light to guide your steps as you live a life that will enhance the legacy of those we’ve lost.”

Arts and Sciences sophomore Chloe Casagrande said the relay was a “great way to really gain an insight into the world of cancer outside of the medicine and science that I may get otherwise through studies.”  

Entertainment executive for Colleges Against Cancer Taylor Nguyen said she is asked each year what the best part of the Relay for Life is. 

“I cannot pinpoint one aspect that is the ‘best part,’” she said. “Personally, for me it probably would be the people I’ve met through each Relay and their impact on my life.”

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