The Creighton Intercultural Center hosted the Creighton United event from Nov. 3-5 in the Skutt Student Center, where students made the Creighton United pledge and had their pictures taken.

Becky Nickerson, director of the CIC, said the purpose of the event was to “bring people together in unity and solidarity.”

As director of the CIC, Nickerson sets budgets, plans events and intervenes in racial tensions on campus. 

Approximately 150 people have attended the Creighton United event as of Nov. 5, according to Nickerson.

“Skutt Art Gallery is a photo and pledge opportunity where students can show their charge to remain in community through divisive times,” said Taylor Curtis, CIC assistant director of multicultural organizations and programming. 

“They take the pledge … then stand in front of one of three canvas boards that say ‘Creighton is my CommUNITY,’ ‘Encourage dialogue not division,’ or ‘Listen More, Judge Less.’”

Curtis said the goal of the event was to band together as one institution.

“Love this program as we all belong to each other as Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J. always reminds us!” said W. Wayne Young, Jr., associate vice provost for student retention and student development.

Curtis said that most students participated once they knew what the event was about.

After students and people who attended the event made the pledge, they had their picture taken in front of one of three posters, and then those pictures were posted around those posters. 

When asked what the pictures were for, Curtis said that the pictures were going to be used to make a mosaic of the Creighton United logo.

After pictures were taken, participants were given stickers with the Creighton United logo on them.

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