New Wave

Alison Wetig, owner of New Wave, hand picks items of clothing, “flips” them and gives them a new life.

Specializing in handpicked vintage thrifted pieces, New Wave is a hidden boutique made up of three rooms in a studio apartment style space in Little Bohemia Omaha.

Allison Wetig, owner of New Wave, was simply trying to downsize her closet after college by hosting a garage sale when a business opportunity presented itself.

The event was so successful that customers asked for another chance to shop Wetig’s niche style.

“I just capitalized on the momentum and had 11 pop ups throughout fall 2019,” Wetig said in an email.

When customers pass on the street, they’ll see an open door with a narrow stairway. You won’t find a big flashy sign or someone waving you into the store.

“That’s all part of the fun,” Wetig said. “Coming to New Wave is a little escape from reality. It’s like a secret club,”

This allows the customers to mimic Wetig’s thrifting experience. “I found all these clothes in the midst of chaos Then I wash and revive everything to give it a new (wave) of life.”

“I love that it’s an easy way to find trendy vintage clothes that have already been flipped and found for you,” said Mia Opsahl, freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The thrifted pieces are labeled “pre-loved” while others are unique new pieces from all over the place.

“I try to carry vendors that are vegan, small businesses, woman owned, aesthetically pleasing and / or just fit the vibe of the store,” said Wetig.

The store also features little areas of creativity mixed into the clothes, like a little

flower photoshoot wall and an area to sit down and write a love note to leave behind in the store.

In Wetig’s mind, the store portrays three different personas. First, she said, “a trendy tomboy girl who wears oversized t-shirts, reworked vintage jeans, big sneakers, lives in NYC, and has a lot of edge to her.” The second girl, “lives in Amsterdam and makes art in her cozy studio often wearing distressed clothes with paint on them, and a messy bun. The third, is a girl who lives in the desert, adores the sun, tanned skin, boho clothes, terracotta, and drinks black coffee all day long,” Wetig said.

“It’s about being your own self and creating whatever kind of style you are,” said Destiny Southern, the store manager and personal assistant to Wetig.

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