Dear Brenda Bluejay, 

What are the best study spots on campus? I’ve been hanging out in my dorm a lot but that can get real claustrophobic real quick. I still haven’t really felt comfortable on campus and am hoping a change of scenery will help me feel more at home. What are your favorites? 

-Stumped on Study Spots 

Hi Stumped on Study Spots, 

Good news for you! There’s a ton of study spots on Creighton’s campus. Silent, noisy, peaceful? Creighton has them all! It truly all depends on what you’re looking for in your ideal study area. I’ll outline a variety for you with some descriptions so you know which will be the best for you and your grade. 

Library: Okay, this may be an obvious one, but it really is an effective place to study. There are three levels to the library and you should know proper library etiquette if you’re going to visit. The bottom level is dead quiet, this means no snacks, no loud music and definitely no talking. This space is great if you are on a really short deadline and really need to get down to business. Play some soft classic music and get working! The second level is a little bit more relaxed and has some resources if you need help. This is where you can check out books, visit IT services, print and visit the Research Assistance Program. The top level is the chillest place of all the levels. Quiet discussion is allowed and they have some killer comfy booths if you want to bring a few friends. The library is quiet, but is a great to work. 

Skutt: While risky, Skutt Student Center is my favorite study spot. With Starbucks, Jack and Ed’s and Wareham Court, Skutt is a great to study over lunch or in-between classes. Like I said, however, Skutt can be extremely risky. There is a high chance that you’ll see someone you know and get distracted instead of studying. 

Jesuit Gardens: Quiet and beautiful, the Jesuit Gardens are the most peaceful place to get on that homework grind. The gardens are surrounded by flowers and scenic sculptures and have a few picnic tables and benches. You should definitely take advantage of this one when fall hits. This would be a great place to get that philosophy reading done! 

Coffee Shops: Sometimes you just really need to get off campus. It can be healthy to take a break and explore Omaha a little. I have four favorites nearby: Zen Coffee Company, Myrtle & Cyprus, Hardy Coffee Co. and Sozo Coffeehouse. All of these have different vibes so you could visit each and find your favorite eventually. These are great for a day when your motivation is low and . There are a ton out there besides these too! Sometimes Panera can be good too if you’re looking to grab a meal while you study! 

These are my favorites, but don’t be afraid to explore more! Find out what works for you and stick with it and you will thrive in and out of the classroom. 

Keep Flying, 

Brenda Bluejay

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