Photo of keynote speaker Susan Calef at CU's Women's Empowerment March

Dr. Susan Caleb, director of women's and gender studies, gives a keynote address at the Women's Empowerment March. 

A vibrant banner that read “We pledge to empower women everywhere,” led the crowd of more than 100 students down to the Morrison Stadium as part of Creighton’s first Women’s Empowerment march. The march was one of few events that were hosted in celebration of Women’s History Month. 

Thursday morning kicked off with the Women’s Empowerment march that began with students gathering around the steps of St. John’s Church. There, the crowd listened to a few speeches given by speakers who talked about being advocates for women and others. As some listened, others held posters to show their support.

“I think students appreciated the opportunity to voice their beliefs in this manner,” said CSU President Patrick Marta. “We don’t see a lot of this on Creighton’s campus and students should become more engaged.”

After the march, students were invited to sign a banner while extra posters were handed out to those who attended. 

The Lieben Center for Women and the Committee of Status of Women hosted Creighton’s first Women’s Symposium in the Harper Center Ballroom on March 28. This year’s theme, “Lift as You Climb,” focused on highlighting the importance of women achieving their goals while supporting and advocating for women. About 104 people attended the event.

The Women’s Symposium was divided into different sessions that featured presentations from women entrepreneurs, a panel discussion and a keynote address from Dr. Sharon-Ishii Jordan. 

According to Tania Irwin, assistant director for retention and leadership of the Lieben Center for Women, speakers were chosen based on the content and topics planned for the event.

“We focused more so on content than particular individuals. We selected topics that were current and important first. Then we solicited feedback from the Creighton community as to who they thought could speak best to said topic.”

Carol Houser, director of Creighton’s Child Development Center, helped organize the Women’s Symposium. It is their hope that the events help educate and encourage students on the importance of Women’s History Month, she said. 

“I hope students and others will be able to advocate for themselves and other women.

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