Artists gathered together at RAW Omaha to showcase art.

Oliver Alonzo/The Creightonian 

RAW came to Omaha with “Envision” to bring more than 40 artists and art lovers together for a memorable evening on Jan. 25 at Sokol Auditorium.

RAW is an organization for independent artists that are in the first 10 years of their careers. Its goal is to help these new artists learn more about the art world and those who are in it.

Among the numerous artists, Isabel Taule, creator of Opal Meraki and a Creighton alumna, caught the attention of several attendees with her delicate jewelry.

Taule said that RAW reached out to her by email and asked her to participate in the show. 

“I was lucky enough they found me before I found them; I really believed in their mission; they help upcoming and growing artists by giving them a platform to showcase their art, while at the same time connecting the artists to other local artists, creating a great community,” Taule said.

During these showcases, RAW artists also have the opportunity to talk with and learn from other artists.

“By participating in your local RAW showcase you connect with your local community, but no matter where you go, you will likely meet another RAW artist somewhere else in the world,” said Taule. 

“It helps with creating that strong relationship between artists, mentorship for newer artists, and of course, reaching a bigger audience for your art.”

The attendees have the opportunity to experience a plethora of activities, like independent film screenings, fashion shows, musical performances, live art performances, pop-up galleries and vendor booths.

“I think these events are critical to have. I believe that a lot of ‘popular’ art, more commercial art, always has a space in society and assures monetary returns to the artist, but other forms of art are not as commercial,” said Arts and Sciences senior Oliver Alonzo. 

“It was awesome to see both kinds converge at this event, giving a space to every kind of artist.”

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