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It is time we talk about fashion. 

With the current climate crisis, I think it is incredibly important that when discussing environmental issues, we discuss the fashion industry, an industry responsible for a large portion of the earth’s pollution. 

‘The True Cost’ was one of the first documentaries I watch and felt like I had learned something. It feels like every question you could have while watching is somehow answered. 

I think this film is really important for everyone to watch because everyone is involved somehow. When people think about the fashion industry, they tend to think of a very feminine, female-dominated world. 

This film, made by two men, shows that cannot be more wrong. This is a systematic issue from the top all the way to the bottom. 

The film travels across the globe, bringing viewers into factories in Bangladesh and India, showcasing the terrible working conditions people, mainly women, are suggested to. 

Not only that, but the fashion industry is the second leading cause of pollution, after the oil industry, according to the film, yet do you hear people talking about how bad fast fashion is for the earth? 

That cute outfit you just bought from H&M, or even just the socks on your feet contributed to the global climate crisis. If you’re a person who owns a metal straw because it’s going to save the turtles, then you should also be smart about where you buy your clothes from in order to save the planet. 

This film, although informative, is also really defeating at times. It makes you feel like there is nothing you can do to make a change. At one point, the filmmakers point out how even shopping at thrift stores, something that makes people feel like they’re making a difference is also harmful to developing countries. 

So, what do we do? The easiest answer is to stop shopping at fast fashion stores and start supporting local thrift stores. Of course, how do you do that when most clothing comes from fast fashion. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that we can all be a little more conscientious of our choices. 

This is a long process that isn’t going to change overnight. But if we keep making noise, there is bound to be change.

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