If the long Starbucks line in Skutt proves a little too trying of your patience, and the coffee from Java Jay just isn’t tickling your fancy, look no further.

Rally Coffee has opened its doors only six blocks from Creighton’s campus.

Located directly next to Urban Outfitters and neighboring the Slow Down and TD Ameritrade Ballpark, Rally takes over the corner of 14th and Cumming St. that was previously inhabited by Blue Line Coffee.

When you walk in, your eye goes to their simple and well-designed menu equipped with a large selection of coffee, espresso and tea drinks, hanging on a plain white wall surrounded by plants and light wood countertops.

As I sat down on one of their long tables under some gigantic wooden lights, I sipped my loose-leaf iced jade oolong and glanced around.

Working on ordering my books (yes, I am aware we have already had over a week of classes) and using Rally’s complimentary WiFi, I noticed the plethora of natural light beaming into the store, making it appear truly larger and lighter than its simple color scheme could even make it seem.

The lighting combined with the color and design scheme provided the perfect ambience to sit and get work done, while still taking a good number of online shopping breaks.

If you’re reading this now and are thinking to yourself, “Oh man, this sounds too good to be true,” it gets better.

The large outdoor patio seating area, littered with black and white tiled tables screamed “Los Angeles Instagram” to me.

This is also one of the few coffee places in town that I have seen which serves more than just scones or cookies.

The $6.00 avocado toast that I ordered did not disappoint, and managed to transport me back to the west coast... if only for a brief second.

This, accompanied by the soundtrack of Tame Impala and Alabama Shakes really hit that “west coast coffee shop” vibe home for me.

Overall, Rally Coffee is pretty sweet. The fairly-priced drinks, wide options of snacks and the atmosphere that made me feel like maybe I could enjoy studying combine for a great addition to the outskirts of downtown.

And if you, reader, wish to never run into me in real life, I would not recommend going, because you will probably find me there doing homework, or just drinking the nectar of the gods (caffeine).

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