The historic 40th Street Theater was transformed into a spooky runway this past Thursday as approximately 100 attendees gathered to enjoy the “Halloween but Fashion” party hosted by local vintage fashion boutique Roland Fitz. 

Offering a vintage vendor market, live music, outdoor fire pit, tarot card readings, full bar and free snacks, the party continued until midnight. 

Local Omaha artist Jocelyn and her band entertained the audience with a performance consisting of various original songs. The crowd was energetic and sang along to her lyrics. 

“Jocelyn’s performance was very personal, it was the highlight of the night,” said Anthony Ceja, an attendee. “I had never been to this event, but I am really glad I decided to come tonight. It was also my first time seeing Jocelyn perform live, and it absolutely exceeded my expectations, she was very down to earth and her music is great.”

Live music aside, attendees were invited to walk the runway modeling their costumes and competing in front of three judges who were looking for the person with the most confidence, style and creativity. Costume contest winner Sydney Halonen sported classic streetwear style, which highlighted her eerie resemblance to singer Billie Eilish. 

“As soon as Halloween came around, I knew I had to dress up as Billie,” Halonen said. “I have always resonated with Billie’s music, and I am constantly being told that I look like her by all of my coworkers” 

Her confident strut and lively attitude won over the judges and earned her a six-month rotating wardrobe subscription to Roland Fitz.

Other activities included performances by Marcey Yates and DJ Crabrangucci as well as an additional runway show with featured looks from Roland Fitz and Audio Helkuik. 

Fashion, music and friendship brought together a diverse audience that spent Halloween night singing, dancing and laughing. “To be in such a historic place with such a modern spin to it is honestly amazing,” said Maria Corpuz, the host of the party. “It’s like a clash of worlds, millennials coming to a space where our grandparents used to come to is super cool.”

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