Mark your calendars for the Gifford Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA)’s Annual Holiday Banquet at Duchesne Academy on Thursday, Dec. 2 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

The Holiday Banquet is an annual opportunity to socialize with neighbors in Gifford Park. Attendees can take part in viewing displays on the history and activities of the neighborhood, as well as watch a presentation on community events, all while eating a homemade dinner prepared by the Stanley family. 

In 2008, the GPNA was founded in an effort to improve the community with the mission to preserve and protect the neighborhood. Efforts to foster a strong community through volunteerism and neighborhood events highlight the GPNA’s motto: “Gifford Park Neighborhood: A great place to live, work, learn, and play.” 


“The GPNA is not a homeowner’s association. They do not regulate what homeowners can and cannot do with their property,” said Abby Rick, Creighton student and editor of the Gifford Park Newsletter, “Gifford Park’s Pride.” “Instead they focus on cultivating community building events intended to strengthen Gifford Park as a whole.” 

Gifford Park is a common off campus housing location for upperclassmen students. Popular for its strong sense of community and affordable housing options, Gifford Park provides an inner-city housing opportunity usually unavailable in metropolitan areas. 

Affordability is not the neighborhood's only attractive quality. 

“Gifford Park itself provides a wide range of opportunities, with everything ranging from communal events to stray cats. I love Gifford Park,” said Creighton student Emma Armbruster.  


The $10 membership fee supports GPNA programming that includes events like the youth soccer, tennis, and gardening program. Susan Mayberger is the GPNA Secretary and the chair for the Holiday Banquet Committee. 

“The funds can be used to beautify the neighborhood through the planting of trees and flowers in our parks. It also supports the Holiday Banquet and the 33rd Friday Block Party,” said Mayberger. “Members receive the monthly newsletter that includes information about the neighborhood and activities.”  

The event will be limited to 100 participants this year as a COVID precaution. Reservations to the GPNA Annual Holiday Banquet for members or non-members can be made to Susan Mayberger at

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