Vala's: more than just pumpkin

Creighton Prep Band members walk up a bridge while venturing through the corn maze at Vala's Pumpkin Patch.  

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard is an Omaha seasonal favorite and a Creighton Pep Band team bonding tradition.

The CU Pep Band traveled to Vala’s on Oct. 2, pre midterms and fall break; this acted as a gathering where the musicians were able take a breather from studying and partake in a little morale boosting before the students parted ways for break.

“It was nice to see everybody in a social context other than just band,” said Molly Kleist, a College of Arts and Sciences senior and the president of the Pep Band.

Kleist expressed of her enjoyment with being able to attend Vala’s once again. She added that what made the excursion fun was the people that attended.

Nearly 400-acres make up Vala’s and over 50 attractions keep the visitors entertained, from a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, a three-acre corn maze, a petting corral, apple blasting from a cannon to even live shows such as the Pigtucky Derby Pig Races and the Stunt Dog Show, all of which are just the tip of the iceberg.

So many activities and so many choices offered, it just keeps people coming back.

The food establishments are placed all over the park. Venues with huge burgers and intricate shakes hold high praise. One of the more well-known components to Vala’s is the popular turkey leg that many were eager to obtain.

The desserts there were even more famous in reputation, ranging from a cider silo, wagon and house, to being able to get an overflowing bucket of soft and warm chocolate chip cookies, not to mention barns made just for donuts and pies.

Peter Pi, a freshman in the Heider College of Business said that one of his favorite experiences from the trip was the “walnut lemon pie from the pie barn.”

Pi also added to his excitement that he enjoyed the “small group activities, group photos, corn maze and getting to know other people better in pep band.”

Pi happily ended the interview with, “Vala’s, more than just pumpkin.”

As the sun had set, the park remained lively, there were still tractor-powered trollies that ferried visitors to and from the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard.

The pep band decided to pick out pumpkins near the end of the visit, after dark.

Many students were adamant about picking the right pumpkin, even if it meant venturing out far into the fields where the only source of light was their phone flashlight.

All students returned unscathed and satisfied with their desired pumpkins in hand.

“The visit to the pumpkin patch was cool, especially near the end,” sophomore in the Heider College of Business, Pierce Gwartney, said.

That being the very first time that Gwartney had been to Vala’s, he shared that he was glad he went.

“Overall, it’s a nice place to go… it was a good time to hang out with people,” Gwartney said.

After a successful team outing, many of the pep band members look forward to returning next yea

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