Creighton returns to normalcy

Life at Skutt Student Center

With COVID-19 restrictions being close to fully lifted, life at Creighton has returned to normalcy.

With at least 93% of students vaccinated since Aug. 6, Creighton has almost returned to its pre-pandemic self as classrooms are back to being entirely in-person, after navigating hybrid in-person and virtual learning last academic school year.

Tyrell Garcia, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, expressed his enthusiasm for Creighton’s return to in-person learning.

“I love that classes are now open as I got so tired of using Zoom,” Garcia said. “I’m glad that everyone is able to see each other again and that I’m able to build a relationship with most of my teachers face to face.”

Precious Nakamoto, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, shared her mixed opinions on the new guidelines.

“Being able to do more things such as fieldwork for classes without being restricted by COVID is nice,” Nakamoto said. “However, I do miss the takeout option for Brandeis as well as the number of seats available in Skutt’s ballroom.”

With the recent changes in the mask mandate as of Sept. 1, Creighton is now requiring students and faculty to wear masks on campus regardless of vaccination status.

In light of the face-covering mandate, students expressed their concerns for the future of the semester.

Jack Ornelles, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, shared his thoughts on the rules.

“Seeing that at least 90% of students here are vaccinated is a very promising sign,” Ornelles said. “But, I still feel like masks should be worn at least for both those vaccinated and unvaccinated.”

Prior to the rule change, Nakamoto shared her personal feelings about choosing to wear a mask. 

“Wearing a mask made me feel somewhat like an outsider because most people don’t wear masks anymore,” Nakamoto said. “I also feel like people think that I’m unvaccinated, even though I am and wear a mask because it’s my choice to do so.”

As COVID-19 is shifting in nature, Fr. Hendrickson said that COVID’s variants would require the community to be “nimble and flexible in our response and will continue to monitor and consult national, state, and local government and public health recommendations.”

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