Craving pizza, but not sure where to go? Here’s a review of the top pizza places around Creighton.


Cheap, and so good. The crust hardens too quickly, but I like the chewiness when it is hot. Good toppings that you can put on, like fresh parmesan and balsamic glaze. This pizza also tastes as good the next day. Carry out or dine in, Tasty is delicious. 


If you like crispy crust, Lighthouse is where it’s at. Eat it for the weird combo of toppings, like the mac and cheese or their signature, “The Sparky.” If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, Lighthouse is great for that. 


Specialty pizzas can limit the choices you have but they are very good. This is the definition of wood-fired pizza in Omaha. You finish with dust covering your fingers and coal smeared around your mouth. Located in Blackstone, it’s a fun place for a night out or something you can take home.


Every city has something like a Zio’s but the slice was a good greasy pizzeria classic. The choices include classic toppings you can’t go wrong with, like pepperoni and cheese. Sometimes the dough can be tricky and be hit or miss. Overall, a good slice of pizza located right in old market. For $3.75 per slice, it’s pretty good pizza. 


This was my favorite place, but it was the most expensive. As one of the only true sit-down pizza places, this is somewhere I would take the family when they come into town. They also have options other than pizza that look just as good. 


It requires an acquired taste because of the thick crust. This is a different style than the rest of these options, it was much more homestyle. I wish there was a little bit more sauce. It’s a pretty dry pizza.  As time goes on, it starts to taste better. This is great option for a large group of people, just don’t plan on eating it there.

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Shaina Beyene

I really like Pizza but I have just moved in the Omaha city and I do not know where I can get best pizza. Well, this review is great source in academic writing. Thanks for giving me the knowledge of some well reputed pizza makers of the area such as Tasty and Lighthouse.

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