The Lauritzen Gardens has put on a new display designed to wow: Fantastical Folklore. This exhibit is an indoor, beautifully structured floral display of art that has been constructed by both the Lauritzen Gardens staff and local artists.

When I went and visited this exhibit, I was brought to another world, one of whimsical structure and beautiful plant life. If you’re looking for some greenery to boost your mood after the seemingly arctic storm we just went through, this is definitely the place to be.

The Lauritzen Gardens Website says, “This enchanting exhibit, set in the garden’s plant kingdom, brings to life the legends and lore from around the globe and celebrates the links between the natural and mythical worlds.”

This exhibit does just that. The towering flowers and large statues transported me to a world of wonder and fantasy stories. The exhibit distracted me from both the pandemic and the mountains of schoolwork I had waiting for me in my dorm.

Local artist Paula Wallace says, “There is a wonderful satisfaction working as a team to see something come together.”

The exhibit certainly did. The recycled cardboard and metal-framed-statue of “The Old One” will immediately catch your eye and connect artistry with nature.

Tickets are $10 and allow access to the entire exhibit. Make sure to arrive at your designated time or you will not be permitted to enter the exhibit. Trust me, the beauty of this garden is worth the time.

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