The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal has taken over TikTok after his performance in ‘The Last of Us’ received rave reviews.

  I am by no means a gamer. I play “Sims,” “Animal Crossing,” “Just Dance” and that’s about it, so when I heard a gritty, violent TV show based on a video game was coming out, I had my reservations.  

But from episode one I was immediately proven wrong. Harrowing, action-packed and surprisingly heartfelt, “The Last of Us” is a must-watch series. 

Pedro Pascal once again nails the role of a reluctant and protective father figure as Joel, and Bella Ramsey gives a believable and endearing depiction of a teenage girl who continues to forge ahead despite everything going on around her. 

Joel is on a mission to find his brother in Wyoming when he is asked to take Ellie to the Fireflies, a resistance movement that claims to be able to find the cure for zombies. At first reluctant to take care of his new charge, their relationship eventually grows into a father-daughter bond with Joel realizing that he no longer wants to be alone in the world.  

While changes in the plot had to be made for the adaptation, fans of the video game were receptive and thought the show did a good job. 

“Little things have changed but it makes sense. The acting is all really good,” Ben Budeshbim, a junior in the College of Arts Sciences said.  

While violent and full of gory zombies, the show has a surprising amount of heart. Throughout the show, we see how love endures despite hardship. From the tender and tear-jerking romance of Bill and Tommy in episode three, “Long, Long, Time”, to Ellie’s crush on Riley and the tragic relationship of brothers Sam and Henry, it’s clear that the overarching message of the series is love. 

Love is not often associated with zombies, but these diametrically opposed ideas merge into an impactful and exhilarating narrative in “The Last of Us.”

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