With fewer COVID-19 restrictions this year, Omaha’s Farmers Market returns with a sense of familiarity.

Although there are still some COVID guidelines in place such as highly encouraging the wearing of masks, the Farmers Market feels almost like its pre-pandemic self. However, vendor’s booths will still be spaced out as they were last year.

The Old Market Farmers Market is open every Saturday from May 1 through Oct. 10, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 1011 Jackson Street located on top of the city parking garage.

The market showcases more than 50 unique booths all selling various produce, meats, cosmetic accessories, and other crafts.

“The Old Market Farmers Market felt very similar to that of the Farmers Market a few years ago,” College of Arts and Sciences junior Elizabeth Hansen said. “I felt like when it was pre-COVID everything was much closer together, such as the stands as well as the aisles. It’s nice to have space because the old Farmers Market felt so crowded because everything was so close.”

Meredith L’Heurux, a vendor for “Happy Macs,” explained how this year was different from last year in regard to business.

“There were less fresh food vendors and everything had to be pre-packaged last year,” L’Heurux said. “It was a lot slower, and people were less likely to come out than they are now.”

In concern to the Delta variant of COVID, sellers such as Karri Martin, a vendor for “Soaz Jewelry,” explained how the Farmers Market were doing their part to keep the community safe.

“I think the organizers did quite a bit to work with COVID,” said Martin. “They had a van here, at least a few of the last Saturdays as giving vaccines has been a priority for them this year.”

Learn more about the Old Market Farmers Market through the link below. 


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