Creighton’s VIP Center has started a new program to allow students to ground, restore and be present in their hearts through the art of yoga.

Heart Yoga sessions contain instruction on various yoga poses, but Meredith Lierk, the director of the VIP Center, and Katherine Vacha, the yoga instructor for the Heart Yoga sessions, said it is about more than just the child’s pose.

Lierk took the lead in making Heart Yoga possible.

“The idea came about because she helped me through an OEI investigation,” Vacha said. “Once we were all through with the drama, I wanted to give back to her mission helping others who turn to the VIP center in times of need as I did.”

The program is for anyone who is interested, but those particularly in mind are young adults who are living through trauma.

The first Heart Yoga session was hosted via Zoom on Oct. 29. Lierk and Vacha hope to make the class a weekly opportunity for all students.

Vacha has been teaching yoga for six years.

“I started practicing yoga when I was searching for a healthier lifestyle and a way to connect with my spirituality that was different than attending mass,” Vacha said.

College of Arts and Sciences junior Kailey Wilson attended the class on Thursday.

“It was a really fun experience, there were poses that you could tell were advanced and poses for beginners also,” Wilson said. “I liked the challenge of trying some of the more difficult ones.”

College of Arts and Sciences junior Samantha Alm also attended the session.

“It was nice to take an hour out of my day to just relax,” Alm said. “I felt refreshed afterward, and it helped life slow down for a minute.”

Students can attend Heart Yoga for numerous reasons like study breaks, to connect with themselves or just to get in some physical activity throughout their busy weeks.

Vacha said that yoga helped her pray through her movements during a difficult time and helped her find a connection to herself and God.

If you are interested in trying out this experience, check with the VIP center to see when the next session will take place.

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