The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship hosted an information session on Tuesday and Wednesday about the paid Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships offered in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Heider College of Business over the summer. 

Each of the SURF offer a variety of different programs, ranging from sciences and mathematics, to history or business specific programs.  Each program is for ten weeks of full-time research work over the summer and offers a $4000 stipend as well as funds for materials. 

What is going to separate you from that other candidate,” said Ryan Spangler, the assistant director of CURAS and an associate professor at Creighton.  “That’s what we’re all about, we’re here to give you the opportunities to set yourself apart.”  Spangler added that opportunities like this are invaluable when looking at applications for further education, like medical school. 

Later in the presentation, Spangler discussed the ability to publish and present the research a student has completed during this time.  “It’s really cool that Creighton offers stuff like this” said Ian Mettelmann, a sophomore at Creighton who attended the event.  “Research can push you really far, and the fact that Creighton helps to fund that is great.” 

Spangler discussed the advantages a summer research program like the SURF provide, stating it opens doors into future ventures. 

“I transitioned from this to a full-time research position at Boys Town and UNMC” said Raeef Rahman, a student at Creighton who spoke at the event.  “This was by far the most independent research I have done.” 

Spangler continued the presentation by telling students that there are plenty of opportunities outside of research in the health sciences, pointing out a program that is designated for history majors.   

Whenever you look at advertising, you always see a lab” Spangler said. “We want to try to shift the culture and make sure that freshmen understand that they can do research in whatever.”   

Humanities students likely don’t view research as important for their careers” said Nina Crabtree, a history major at Creighton.  “I think its most important to just get the word out to freshmen that they can lead their own projects if they want to.” 

“Undergraduate research and publishing opportunities are the reasons I joined Creighton” said Crabtree.  “It is unmatched by anywhere else” Mettelmann said.  “These types of programs are why I came to Creighton.” 

Each SURF program must be sponsored by a faculty member and are required to present their research during the semester.  Applications for each program are due mid February 2022. 

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