Asian grill opens near Heider

Fu Asian Grill is a new restaurant just steps away from Heider Residence Hall. The restaurant boasts affordable prices, a homey setting and friendly locale.

Flight Deck, McDonald’s and Subway are some of the few off-campus dining options for students that are within walking distance. Located steps away from Heider Hall, a new restaurant offers a menu with a mix of Asian cuisine, vegetarian dishes and a salad bar. 

Fu Asian Grill has been open since August but hosted its official grand opening on Oct. 15. The event kicked off with yoga in the morning followed by Storycise, a children’s activity that combines stories and exercises. A paint pouring demonstration took place from 4-6 p.m. In the evening, many gathered outside the restaurant’s outdoor patio to end the event with a stand-up comedy performance. Donations for Project Harmony were also collected throughout the day. 

“I love the restaurant. The atmosphere there is great, and the owner is really nice. The food is really cheap though but good which is hard to find,” said Justen Healy, one of the standup comics who performed at the grand opening. 

A future goal to create an afterschool program for children and personal experiences with food allergies are some things that inspired the opening of the restaurant and its menu, said owner Brooke Barsell. Barsell has worked as a substitute teacher for public and private schools in Omaha for about eight years.

The menu features affordable prices that range from $3 appetizers to $8 entrees. 

“Since we’re close to Creighton, we wanted to keep our prices low for students. We have a salad bar too where you can add more toppings. If you like adding a lot of vegetables, you can add a lot more and we don’t charge extra,” said Barsell. 

Many plans for the restaurant are still underway. According to Barsell, there are plans to have host an Artist of Month program that will allow select artists to showcase their work at the restaurant. She also plans on having Wi-Fi available for students and customers who wish to study there. 

“The setting is very homey, comfortable and spacious. It definitely gives students other options aside from Brandeis or Jack and Ed’s. It’s a good location and the people there are friendly,” said College of Arts and Sciences senior Selena Tafnag. 

Fu Asian Grill’s hours are Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sundays 2 to 10 p.m. Food delivery is available through Uber Eats and DoorDash. The menu can be found on its website

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