Gifford Park

The Gifford Park Neighborhood Association provides a sense of community for students venturing to off campus living for their later years.

Creighton juniors and seniors are offered the option to either stay on campus in provided residence halls, or find housing elsewhere. With options ranging from apartments, condos, duplexes, and single family homes available for rent around the greater Omaha area, deciding where to live off campus is both exciting and nerve racking for most students. 

The Gifford Park neighborhood, located between Dodge and Cumming Street and 30th and 40th Street, provides a unique housing option for Creighton students. Between its proximity to campus, the affordable housing, and its plethora of opportunities for community involvement, Gifford Park has continually been a top choice for off campus students. 

Gifford Park resident Haley Hoyle, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, believes the location of the neighborhood is perfect for Creighton students. 

“Gifford is the perfect transition from living on campus to off because it allows students to get the independence they need, while still maintaining the college campus feel,” Hoyle said. “I’m three minutes from campus, two minutes from all my friends, and 10 minutes from downtown, it’s perfect.” 

For students choosing to live in Gifford Park as their off-campus housing, the Gifford Park Neighborhood Association provides various opportunities to get involved in the community. 

GPNA hosts plenty of summer events such as Porchfest, a free neighborhood wide music festival hosted on the front porches of volunteers houses, and the Friday Neighborhood Market located directly behind Danny’s Corner store. 

They also offer events in the winter such as the annual GPNA Holiday banquet, a free dinner and program. 

Coming up in Gifford Park, the Yates building (also known as the old Gifford Park elementary school), located on 3260 Davenport St., is currently undergoing renovations to become the new community center. According to community leader Chris Foster, the Yates Community Center is scheduled to be opened in July 2022. 

The GPNA supports and promotes community and youth gardens throughout the neighborhood. 

According to a statement released by Karma Larsen, a communications associate for the Nebraska Forest Service & Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, “The Gifford Park neighborhood received a Community Landscape Award from the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum on Nov. 5. This award recognizes projects that have significantly improved the green infrastructure in a community.” 

For Gifford Park residents looking to get involved, look out for the GPNA bi-monthly newsletter. Delivered to residents’ doors every other month, the Gifford Park Newsletter provides information on neighborhood events and community updates. The last page of the Newsletter is the GPNA membership form. Cost of membership is a yearly $10 fee for single membership, and $15 for family membership. 

“I love being so close to campus,” said Harper Bergquist, a sophomore in the College of Nursing, “But the best part is feeling like I have a community among my friends.”

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