Downtown Omaha is filled with myriad activities for small groups. Two popular options are ax throwing and escape rooms.

Flying Timbers, located at 1507 Farnam St., is locally owned and operated. The staff is professional and highly trained. The coaches stay on the lanes at all times and provide one-on-one instruction when needed.

“I thought it was going to be a lot harder, I ended up hitting the target a lot more than I anticipated, towards the end I was able to aim where I was throwing,” said sophomore College of Arts and Sciences student Allison Benoit.

Once you get the hang of throwing the ax and getting it to stick you can try your hand at some of the other games it offers, such as tic-tac-toe and Hit 10, that are more focused on aiming.

“I liked that there were other options than just throwing at a target. My favorite was tic-tac-toe; we made a bracket so that we all got turns to play each other,” said sophomore College of Arts and Sciences student Jackson Fox.

If you and your friends would rather work your brain than your arm muscles, escape rooms might be the better option.

House of Conundrum located at 2564 Leavenworth Street offers a variety of uniquely themed rooms that range in difficulty.

“I was a little worried about being able to complete the room in the hour that we got but, once we started working together it went pretty quickly, the hints also helped when we got stuck,” said senior Heider College of Business student Jessie Lee.

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