LAS VEGAS — The casinos are the major attraction in Las Vegas, but the restaurants around the area should not be forgotten.  Keith Lee has done his best to show off some restaurants that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.  

Lee is a TikToker out of Las Vegas who has become famous for his food reviews. He has amassed a following of 11.1 million and his page continues to grow. He is known for ranking both the food and the service the restaurants provide. 

While in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to try some of these restaurants that Keith Lee has reviewed to see how they compared.  

I first tried Take It Easy Roasters, a coffee shop with a rotating pastry menu. The chef is self-taught and started making pastries during the pandemic. Lee got banana bread and homemade Poptart’s that were matcha and mocha flavors. He gave the food high ratings and said that he would return in the future. He thought the banana bread was moist and couldn’t believe the Poptart’s were made by a self-taught pastry chef. 

 The service I received was friendly, and they patiently answered all my questions. They had an open-style kitchen so you could see them making the food. I ordered an Ube Latte, a cheese empanada, banana bread and one of their popular Poptart’s.  

The presentation of the food was incredibly beautiful. I enjoyed the Ube Latte and really enjoyed the purple design that they put in the foam.  

The cheese empanada was also delicious with both yellow and white cheeses in it. I would have enjoyed a bit more salt on the outside but I’m a salt-heavy person so that was more personal preference than anything.  

The banana bread was very good although it had more nuts in it than I normally like, although if that’s your fancy I’m sure it would be a hit. The gold flakes on top made it feel very fancy.  

My favorite thing was the homemade Poptart. Because of the rotating menu, it was a raspberry Poptart with hibiscus frosting. It was very flaky with a natural raspberry taste and the filling was similar to fruit preserves. They also had free citrus water with cucumber, lemon and lime in it available to customers.  

After the coffee shop, I tried Crust & Roux, a pie of all kind’s restaurant. They specialize in pot pies, pizzas and pies. Overall, Lee thought that Crust & Roux was good, but thought the steak sandwich he got was lacking. He ordered the strawberry pie and thought it was particularly good and compared it to what he imagines a southern home cooked pie would taste like.  

The service was exceptionally good. They warned us that the pot pies would take 30-40 minutes immediately as we sat down in case we were thinking of ordering one. I don’t eat meat, so I got cheese pizza and the caprese salad. They had exceptionally large portion sizes, a large slice of cheese pizza was $5 (rivaling Sam’s Club or Costco pizza).  

The crust was extremely thin, but it wasn’t crackery, a little too soft for my preference. The pizza could have also used a bit more sauce as it was just barely brushed onto the pizza. 

 The caprese salad was very delicious and had thick cut slices of mozzarella. I also got a slice of the strawberry pie and thought it was delicious. The crust was flaky and light, and the strawberry pie filling was delicious. The perfect level of sweetness to me.  

Although Chipotle doesn’t need any help getting its name out there, they happened to partner with Lee while I was in Las Vegas. They changed one of the Chipotle stores in Las Vegas to “Chipotlee” to honor the TikTok star.  

This was in collaboration with the release of the fajita quesadilla with the Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette, coined the Keithadilla by the TikTok star, on the Chipotle app. The stores’ name change lasted until March 13th, but those who want to can still order the fajita quesadilla through the app from any Chipotle. 

I had a chance to order the fajita quesadilla and I greatly enjoyed it. As a vegetarian it’s nice to see a promotional item for once that doesn’t contain meat. It was really cool to be able to order it without any modifications and it tasted really good too. It was just normal Chipotle, but I enjoyed the bulk and taste that the fajita veggies added to the quesadilla.  

Overall, Keith Lee did not steer me wrong. If you have a chance to go to Las Vegas, or Chipotle, I highly recommend trying some of the food Lee reviews. 

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