CSU announces Fallapalooza

The CSU Program Board has announced that tickets are now on sale for the upcoming Fallapalooza music event on Friday. CSU’s hosting the band “Saint Motel” as the artist.

The event will be held at 7 p.m. in Creigh- ton’s Ryan Athletic Center.

Tickets are free to students, and guest tick- ets are $10. According to the CSU Program Board’s announcement, the event will feature “live music, room to dance, and a night of fun.”

Saint Motel is an indie-pop band from California that many students may know from their songs “My Type” and “Move,” which were featured on some of the FIFA video games’ soundtracks.

“The first time I heard Saint Motel was in FIFA 15,” said Kevin Kneeland, junior in the Heider College of Business. “That song was iconic, and it’s one of my core memories from playing games when I was younger. After that, I actually started to get into their music. I’ve been listening to them ever since.”

“It’s nice to see that Creighton is having big events again,” said Kneedland when com- menting on the previous unorthodox year on campus due to COVID. “It’s the kind of event that I wish I would’ve been able to go to last year.”

However, some students had not heard much about the event and felt like more was needed to get out the word.

“I had heard vaguely that it was happening but genuinely had no idea when or where,” junior Gabby Dammkoehler said. “As an ad- vertising major, I feel like more could have been done to advertise for this thing because I’ve heard nothing about it.”

Ultimately, Fallapalooza has drawn the at- tention of students and, as a result, is sold out online.

“It sounds like a great idea where all Creighton students can get their minds off classes and midterms and have a nice night,”

pharmacy student Ethan Leyden said. “I like that Creighton is featuring an indie group. In the future, it would be nice to see them continue to stay with pop artists or maybe even some EDM, just something that captures the atmosphere.”

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