Graphic by Sarah Lacey-Irvine

Masks are now to be worn in classrooms here on Creighton’s campus, and now since the in-class and in-person schedule is back in place, professors and students are required to bring back the masked method.

The last academic school year of 2020-21, students, professors and staff were all required to uphold the mask mandate while on campus. This rule was upheld in just about any location on campus except for the private quarters of students’ dorm rooms. Since the masks have come back, Creighton students were asked about their preference of masks and whether or not the masks pertain to their style.

In a survey, students were asked what kind of masks they wear. Most of these students chose multiple answers to this question; this means that most have more than one method of masking up.

The choices reflected that 64.8% chose disposable light blue/black masks, 46.3% reported Creighton masks, 44.4% said fabric store-bought masks, 20.4% said fabric homemade masks and 3.8% preferred N95s/ KN95s.

Answering the question regarding style, 38.9% of students said that their mask did not have to match their outfit. Another 38.9% of students said that their mask could sometimes match their outfit, but perhaps not all the time. The remaining 22.2% claimed that they choose their mask to accommodate what they’re wearing for that day.

Does comfort and style contribute to the overall position of wearing a mask? This question received many mixed responses.

In summary, the majority found that wearing a mask that is both comfortable and stylish helps to wear it. Some said that it completed their outfit and that it expresses their fashion in another aspect.

There were still a plentiful number of responses that did not care whether or not the masks looked fashionable. Some agreed that if the mask was comfortable, it would be easier to bear, however, some students held a strong dislike of masks in general. Some claim that their focus and the way their voice is muffled makes it frustrating to wear a mask.

All responses were very helpful in this survey. Many different outlooks on masks were expressed. In the end, the best compensation for having to wear these masks in classrooms would be attributed to how the masks make the student look and feel. If it is beneficial even a little towards the student, it makes the mask just a little bit tolerable.

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