“Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI” is this week’s feature for the true crime hotspot. 

This book, by journalist David Grann, follows the story of the Osage Indians, the wealthiest group of people per capita in the world during the 1920s, who were mysteriously and serially murdered.

This is such an interesting story that is not often talked about, but really should be because there is so much important information about Indigenous history, including the treatment of indigenous people that cannot be forgotten. 

Those who do know the story consider it to be one of the most sinister crimes in American history and a true crime story. 

I usually find it hard to read nonfiction books for fun, but this was something I finished in two days. 

I know a lot of people call a lot of books page turners, but this was actually something I just kept reading until I finished it. 

I didn’t know anything before I started the book, and that is OK because it thoroughly explains everything you need to know. 

Maybe it’s because Grann is a journalist, but there is an ease in the writing style that makes it so easy to read. 

There are times where you feel like you are reading a detective novel and at times you find yourself asking if this actually happened.

It feels made up at times, the storytelling is that good. 

But it did happen, and that is what makes it chilling to read. 

This book provides you with all the information you need, including primary sources, like documents and accounts from the real people. 

It is not for the faint of heart, however. It does talk about the gruesome murders that occurred. 

This book is a heavy read, but it is an important one. 

I would say, if you are into true crime, or history, this is a book you must read. 


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