Photo of students in Bonnie and Clyde play

Natalie Hanson and Andrew Wall play older versions of Bonnie and Clyde in CU's Bonnie and Clyde play. 

Love at first sight, regret, murder and burglaries – the story of “Bonnie and Clyde” by Ivan Menchell came alive on the Lied Education Center for the Arts Studio Theatre stage.

The story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, two doomed lovers running from the law, has been popular since the Great Depression. Unlike the depiction of Bonnie and Clyde in movies and television adaptions, the musical focuses on their love story rather than on the crimes they committed.

College of Arts and Sciences senior Natalie Hanson, who played Bonnie, said that it was fun to be part of this musical. Since the characters are from various part of Texas, she mentioned that developing and working on a Texan accent was fun. 

She also talked about how it was an honor to play a historical figure, saying “we did a ton of research on the real Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow to get their story right.”

Heider College of Business freshman Andrew Wall, who played Clyde, said that he had great experiences being involved in musical theater in high school, so when the opportunity to continue that here at Creighton came up he jumped at it.

“I feel like I share Clyde’s drive and ambition and a bit of his rebellious side, but that’s about it where the comparison ends” he said. “One of Clyde’s main traits is his hair trigger temper, the guy was more than a little unhinged. Thankfully that is not one of the character traits we share, but it’s the fact that he’s so different that made him such a joy to portray.”

College of arts and sciences senior Oliver Alonzo played Ted Hinton, a law enforcement officer who was in love with Bonnie and was ultimately one of the officers that killed her and Clyde. 

Alonzo said that Creighton’s version of the musical is different from other ones due to the use of projectors. 

“Art can be a powerful tool to make a statement and this is a show that does that,” he said.

The three students also emphasized how the crew and the director, Amy Lane, did an amazing job on this play. 

“They did a great job of creating the different spaces that were very fluid, and they made it really easy for the cast to just walk into the existing spaces,” Alonzo said.

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