Vegan Latin Food

Some of the food offered at the pop-up: two birria tacos with consommé and pupusa (middle) with salsa cup and pickled cabbage.

Little Ve’s, a new vegan Latin food restaurant based in Omaha, has begun to host pop-up events to gain exposure.

The chef behind Little Ve’s, Rene Guzman, answered a few questions in an email correspondence with the Creightonian.

“I knew diversity was lacking in the vegan scene here in the city, so I wanted to be the first person to do so by making the first and only Latin vegan spot here,” said Guz- man.

Little Ve’s was just established in 2019.

“I wanted to give Omaha a taste of Latin food, but through my lifestyle of being vegan myself, I really just wanted change. I’m glad I’m doing something about it and that people are enjoying it as well.”

Customers can’t tell Little Ve’s is vegan by glancing at the menu. With items like Birria tacos, Chicharron Pupusas, Chorizo and Asada Tots, the assumption is that, like any other Latin food joint, these dishes would be made with meat.

However, Guzman works creatively with locally sourced fruit and nuts to construct the mock meat used in all the recipes.

The Birria tacos are the latest addition to the menu. After experimenting with different ingredients and methods for more than two months, this dish Guzman feels she has fi- nally perfected it.

Because Little Ve’s has no permanent bricks-and-mortar establishment, it is reliant on pop-ups and other promotions to get its food into Omahans mouths.

Guzman stated, “I appreciate and love pop-ups. I love the hype around it and people coming to support, but my goal for myself is definitely to be able to have a spot that people can come to all the time.” 

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