Rapper and singer-songwriter Drake released his new album, Certified Lover Boy, on Sept. 3. The anticipated album that was initially supposed to be released in January 2021 was postponed due to the artist’s concern of his physical health.

All together 21 songs with a runtime of nearly an hour and a half, Certified Lover Boy has a lot to revel in. The cover art of Certified Lover Boy, although interestingly simple, is definitively unique in character, consisting of nine pregnant emojis, bold in modesty and shameless of the implicit meanings.

Among the recent weeks, Drake and his producers municipalized teasers. Drake had acquired screen time from ESPN to eerily hint at his awaited anthology nearly seven days prior to the reveal. Through billboards spanning from the West Coast sunshine of California to the busy East Coast streets of New York, Drake divulged several other artists featured in C.L.B. Recognizing each of the collaborators’ hometowns, each billboard was personalized to capture a connection from an extended audience. The Vulture’s Bethy Squires also listed some famous names that came from the electronic billboard in Atlanta, Georgia: Young Thug, Future, 21 Savage and Lil Baby. Rappers weren’t the only ones on those billboards, however; highly renowned singer Giveon from Long Beach, California and Nigerian singer Tems were casted. The lineups for these compositions are nothing short of stacked, meaning that Drake has a lot to bring to the field.

Drake pours out his soul and has no problem expressing his sexual prowess, although not unusual for the artist. This album seems to replenish the lyrical drought that the fans were left with since his last full album of 2018, Scorpion. Drake expressed fountains of remorse, plentiful in emotion and a fair trade-in for the empty months passed.

There’s repetition of how Drake has adjusted to being a father and how his son has impacted his life for the better. Now more than ever is Drake actively proud of fathering his three-year-old.

Indeed, range advanced, from Drake’s famous rap and sing-song style of poetry, to tapping into a slower piano prelude-like ballad of Yebba’s Heartbreak. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne co produced with Drake in You Only Live Twice: “Standing alone is when you realize, all the lights go out and that’s when you see the real guys.”

Ross’s opening verse tied him and Drake back to nearly a decade’s worth of musical accomplishments. Their strong relationship in the music industry continues to grow prominent. Establishing more connections with other modern artists while undoubtedly expanding in fanbase size, Drake is becoming the champagne of poetry.

The long-awaited album sought to impress; high hopes alluded to it especially after the recent release of rival Kanye West’s Donda. The competition is high, as both Drake and Kanye battle for the top of the charts.

Drake doesn’t shy away in addressing the beef he has with Kanye and makes sure to make it heartily obvious in 7am on Bridle Path: “the first second they speak to me, I’m not with all the secrecy. Secretly beefin’ me behind closed doors but playin’ it peacefully for the streets to see.” The rest of the song is also thought to target Kanye as well.

The album already posed high expectations, leaving a lot of room for a potential skyrocket into the leaderboards or to a disappointing flop. There were already some critiques that questioned the content and the sound bites that differed in every song. Some tracks held promise, while others were a little ambiguous.

Drake ultimately leaves his success up to his fans, and while he has a strong backing of extended fans and such, Certified Lover Boy is certifiably a staple in his career.

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