Sophomores in the College of Arts and Sciences Lauren Beringer and Maya Erickson enjoy just one of the outside spaces Vala’s has to offer.

With most of our favorite fall activities canceled and get-togethers limited, it can be tough to find a fun, safe and socially-distanced activity. Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, however, remains a favorite with Creighton students. Just 25 minutes away, Vala’s offers a space where students are able to safely gather and have a little fun during the fall months of the semester. 

Vala’s has a wide variety of games and attractions that draw families and students alike. There’s a pumpkin patch, sunflower fields, an apple orchard, games and more located around the property. 

COVID-19 safety guidelines are also followed closely at Vala’s. 

Masks are required inside buildings and tight spaces, and there are areas set up outside that allow guests to maintain six feet of distance from others and take in the fresh fall air. 

“People seemed to abide by social distancing and kept to themselves,” sophomore in the College of Nursing Olivia Wallen said. “It felt completely safe. It was a fun time.” 

The apple orchard is an attraction that I would highly recommend. You get to spend time outside with your roommates or friends picking and tasting delicious apples while being able to abide by social distancing guidelines. 

Mackenzie Carlson, a junior in the Heider College of Business, agrees. 

“The apple orchard is my favorite part,” Carlson said. “It’s a ton of fun picking apples to bring home, but the best part is trying all the different apples as you walk through the trees.” 

Overall, Vala’s is the place to go to get off campus and get in the fall spirit. The food and atmosphere can’t be beat, and the cider doughnuts have had Creighton students coming back year after year. 

“Between the music, the decorations, the people, the food and more, it feels like it’s own fall-themed world,” sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences Maya Erickson said. 

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch opened for the season on Sept. 18 and will remain open until Nov. 1.

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