Cheese board

At a charcuterie class taught by campus executive chef Tasos Kyprianos, students choose from a variety of cheeses, fruits, crackers and meats and arrange the snacks on their Creighton cutting board.

The Student Leadership and Involvement Center will be hosting another charcuterie class after popular reviews from March 23, when students designed their own custom charcuterie boards featuring an assortment of meats, cheeses and free Creighton-branded cutting boards.

At the start of the class, the Brandeis hallway was filled with students.

“We originally only intended to host one event, but we had such a good turnout and many students reached out asking if we were going to host another event, so we decided to host a second round,” Katie Kelsey, director of the Student Leadership & Involvement Center, said in an email.

Many students attended the event with one friend or a small group of friends. “I heard about this through the TV monitors in Skutt and told all my friends,” said Abby Gronau, a junior in the College of Nursing.

“My favorite part was getting to plate my board with my friends and see their own creative energies within their board being exhibited,” Gronau said in an email.

The idea for the event was created by the SLIC and featured the expert guidance of Tasos Kyprianos, who serves as both the campus executive chef and director of operations for Creighton University.

“Learning the art behind how to create a charcuterie board has been very interesting. Chef Tasos has done a great job of creating an engaging and fun program,” said Kelsey.

Students were released in two waves to go select the ingredients for their board. In addition to meats and cheeses, they had the option of multiple jams, crackers, fruits and olives hand selected by Kyprianos.

“Honestly, all the feedback that we have received indicate that students relate to the class and are both eager to try new flavor combinations and curious to learn more about the art of a charcuterie display,” Kyprianos said in an email.

Students also received a 10-minute informational tutorial on the background of charcuterie boards. Kyprianos discussed everything from the country of origin of the ingredients available to suggestions on how to arrange the flavor profiles.

“I believe that this should be an annual educational class for our students because the class promotes student engagement,” said Kyprianos.

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