Restaurants had to adapt to challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For most, that meant changing from sit down dining to takeout and delivery only.

Many restaurants recruited the help of third-party delivery services, but those providers came with high costs.

Apps like GrubHub, Door Dash and Uber Eats can cost customers up to 40% more and can cost the restaurant up to 30% more, making it even harder for small, local restaurants to stay afloat during an already difficult time.

If there was one industry that has thrived throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is food delivery apps. That is why the owners of the LoCo Food Delivery app decided to get into the market.

LoCo has found a creative way to balance costs for delivery and for the restaurant.

It doesn’t charge the restaurants a 30% commission with each order, making it easier and cheaper for restaurants to get food to their customers.

“My first experience using LoCo was great. I’m from Omaha, so it was nice to be able to order from the local places I like and know that the restaurant isn’t getting undercut,” said Heider College of Business sophomore Alessandro Stanco.

Another difference between classic food delivery apps and LoCo is the co-op aspect.

The restaurant owners also own part of LoCo. The more work the restaurants put in the more they get out of it.

“I like the idea that local restaurant owners own Omaha LoCo, too. I think that it is extremely important for small businesses to stick together in these tough times,” said College of Arts and Science sophomore Erika Jank.

Omaha is not the only area that is benefiting from using LoCo. It can also be used in Richmond, Virginia, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

It is also expanding. LoCo is coming soon to Nashville, Las Vegas and Tampa Bay.

“I will definitely be using LoCo in the near future. The small businesses and restaurants are what make Omaha what it is, I would hate to see them disappear,” said College of Arts and Sciences student Anna Kotula.

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