With the weather getting colder by the day, we are all looking for ways to spend these last few warm days outside. Visiting Lauritzen Gardens is a great option to get some fresh air and take a break from Omaha’s busy streets. 

I recently visited this botanical center and was not disappointed. You don’t have to be interested in plant facts to enjoy this excursion, as it is nice to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

Before you rush out to visit the Lauritzen Gardens, you will need to purchase your tickets on the website for the day and time you want to visit. This is a precautionary measure taken to limit the number of people who come in close contact with one another when entering the gardens. The tickets for adults cost $10. Visitors need to wear a mask when you are inside the main building, but you can remove it when you’re walking around the trails outside. 

According to its website, Lauritzen Gardens has more than 100 acres on its site. 

It also focuses on biodiversity, which means you can see a multitude of plant species that would not naturally grow so close to one another or in the urban location of Omaha. 

Lauritzen Gardens is dedicated to the conservation of plants and caring for the local biodiversity. 

One of my favorite parts of the gardens were the water features. There are some small streams and waterfalls throughout the trails. The gardens also include a rose garden, which is gorgeous. 

There are a lot of families and other visitors on the trails. In order to get the most of your visit, you should allot about an hour or two of time in your day to walk through the entire garden. Make sure to bring a water bottle but no other food or beverages. 

So, grab a friend, or a few, and head out to these beautiful gardens to soak


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