Alumna spills the tea at farmer's market

Attendees at Creighton’s first farmer’s market gather at the Artemis Teas and Botanicals booth to sip and purchase organic tea bags.

 A colorful array of tea bags and plants was just one of the guests at Creighton’s first on-campus farmer’s market last Friday. Owned by a Creighton alumna, Artemis Teas and Botanicals brought their fresh, whole and organic tea blends to attendees. 

The farmer’s market added a brand new element to the annual tradition of Family Weekend, giving students and their families access to Omaha’s very own local fresh food and drink vendors.

“The original idea for the farmer’s market was to connect students and people of the greater Omaha community with vendors that, otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have gotten the exposure to,” said the event’s coordinator, Michael Linngren.

“I just love supporting local businesses and local foods and services, because when you shop local your impact on the environment is less,” said College of Arts and Sciences freshman Evan Peterson.

Artemis Teas’ founder, Andrea Lawse, said it was here at Creighton where her “passion for ecocriticism was born.” Her company stems from this unbridled curiosity, aiming to share the personal relationship between person and plant with others.

“There is this kind of plant blindness that we’ve all gotten culturally, where we don’t really see the individuality of the plants around us...It’s really difficult for individuals to get excited about speaking up for conservation and environmental projects,” Lawse explained.

“Artemis Teas is very much about increasing environmental awareness,” said Lawse. Each tea is mindfully crafted, with the intention of creating a product that is pure and positive from the moment its ingredients are planted until the end of the product’s life, with the ability for the product’s packaging to be composted. 

Artemis Teas in based at Hardy Coffee Co. on Jones St., but the products can also be purchased on their website.

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