The Creighton Students Union Program board coordinated with the SLIC to host a roller-skate and archery event in the Kiewit Fitness Center as a way to give Creighton Students a safe activity to do on a Saturday night.

The event was held on the basketball courts in the KFC from 8-10 p.m. Alex Courtenay, who works for the CSU Program Board, said the main purpose of the event was to have fun but stay safe with COVID-19 guidelines, Courtenay stated “monitoring distance is easier said than done.”

There were more participants than expected for the event and the floor space allocated for the skaters wasn’t as big as they thought. Due to the cramped nature of the roller skating, some of the participants felt the event wasn’t as COVID-19 safe as it could have been.

“People are too close, holding hands, and it isn’t as COVID safe as it could be,” said Vaishnavi Ravichandran, a freshman in the Heider College of Business.

She said this activity is much safer than going out, and this event was still safe because people were conscious of the potential health and safety risks.

“[I was] having fun and unwinding with friends here with midterms coming up,” Ravichandran said.

Seniors Emma Dufresne and Lexie Schmitze were hanging around the archery tag end of the courts.

“We felt nostalgic seeing all the little freshmen participate in events similar to what we did years ago,” remarked Dufresne and Schmitze.

Adam Taylor was one of the people supervising the archery tag, which wasn’t as popular as roller skating. CSU and SLIC were expecting a much larger turnout but were happy with the amount of students that did come.

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