Photo of "Human form" sculpture

"Human form", a sculpture built out of LEGO bricks is displayed at "The Art of Brick" exhibit. 

Rated as one of the world’s “must-see exhibitions” by CNN, “The Art of Brick,” the largest exhibition of LEGO art by award-winning artist Nathan Sawaya, is in Omaha for a limited time. 

Nathan Sawaya is a lawyer turned-LEGO builder from Colville, Washington. He started building with LEGOs when he was 5 years old and says he never stopped. Sawaya worked for the LEGO company for less than a year. In 2004 he decided to open an art studio in New York City. The exhibit is located in the Capitol District on the corner of N. 12th and Capitol Ave, and it will run until Feb 19. 

The exhibition is divided into several sections that showcased Sawaya’s work. The first included pieces inspired by famous artwork such as the “Mona Lisa,” “Starry Starry Night,” the Sistine Chapel ceiling and “The Scream.”

The second section is the “human form” which featured men and women built out of LEGO bricks depicting different emotion.

The final section is “In Pieces,” a project in which Sawaya incorporated LEGO blocks into scenes of everyday life.

Sawaya stated that a lot of people ask him why he creates art out of LEGO bricks, and he says that he does it because, “it is fun and because it has never been done before.”

“This exhibition engages the child in all of us while at the same time highlighting sophisticated and complex concepts,” he stated. “I use LEGO in my art because the toy is accessible. Chances are you probably don’t have a slab of marble or ceramic kiln at home, but I bet you have some LEGO bricks.”

Walking through the exhibition, you could hear comments from the attendees like “this is amazing,” and “I cannot believe it is all made from LEGO bricks.”

“Art makes better humans, art is necessary for understanding the world and art makes people happy,” stated Sawaya. 

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