Located outside the front desk of the Kiewit Fitness Center, the Eat Fit Go refrigerator opened this semester. 


Eat Fit Go is a new on-campus food option, offering premade to-go meals that list the nutrition facts right on the label. The result of collaboration between Campus Recreation and Wellness, Housing and Auxiliary Services, and Sodexo, Eat Fit Go foods are available for purchase with dining dollars, Jaybucks, debit or credit cards.


Lucia Zamecnik, assistant director of operations and fitness for Campus Recreation and Wellness said that the idea for Eat Fit Go developed because Creighton was interested in providing more options for healthy eating to people on the go. Zamecnik said one of the perks is that the food has, “proteins, carbs and fats all laid out so it’s easy for students to read if they are interested in tracking those kinds of things.”


She said Creighton worked with Eat Fit Go representatives to decide on what options would be provided, based on what students and staff might enjoy the most. Some of the options include breakfast sandwiches, a sunrise scramble, four cheese penne, salmon alfredo and barbecue chicken.


Zamecnik also said that in developing the service they, “were really targeting breakfast items because there isn’t a lot open at that time.” The Eat Fit Go refrigerator area has a microwave and utensils to allow the consumer a quick meal option in the morning or between classes.


Eat Fit Go opens at the same time as the Kiewit Fitness Center and closes at 11 p.m. on weeknights and 6 p.m. on weekends.

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