The 16th annual Omaha Film Festival took a COVID-19 safe virtual approach this year in addition to limited in-person screenings. The festival runs from March 2-14 with in person screenings at the Aksarben Cinema on March 12 and 13.

Narrative features, documentaries, short films and animated shorts are screened and this year streamed during the week-long festival, with a section just for Nebraska-made films.

In the past years, selected filmmakers are invited to attend the festival and to discuss their films with the audience after each screening.

Festival passes can be purchased in a variety of ways to get the best experience tailored to your liking. An all access virtual pass will allow you to stream all virtual screenings in addition to all virtual Nebraska screenings that run from March 14th to the 21st, it’ll run you $70.

If you want the “full” (as close to normal with COVID standards in mind) experience, an all access pass costs $90 but will allow you access to all virtual screenings (including the special Nebraska-made section) and all physical screenings.

The last pass option is $50 and it allows access to all physical screenings at Aksarben Cinema.

If you are unsure about dropping that kind of money but you still want to check out a film or two, you are able to purchase individual tickets, this is the cheapest option at $10 a film.

It works similar to when you rent a movie on Amazon prime once you start watching you have 48 hours of access to it as well as the Q&A section (if there is one).

While the OFF is smaller in comparison to other film festivals, it introduces audiences to the independent film industry, films that are usually not available for viewing in the area.

It offers teaching opportunities for everyone to learn about filmmaking through panels, lectures as well as workshops.

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