On Aug. 15, a juice bar named “Clean Juice” opened their doors in The Old Market. Founders Kat and Landon Eckles opened the first ever location in North Carolina in 2015, selling healthy menu options such as juices, salads and more. They also offer juice cleansing plans, so if you’re trying to be more health conscious, this may be the place for you. They have over 100 locations across the country, and this is the one and only location in Omaha. I decided to take a visit to The Old Market to see what Clean Juice has to offer.

When you turn onto Jackson Street, it’s hard to miss the store front with its big sign and outdoor seating. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a large menu and a few juiceristas hard at work. Outside of their well-known juices and smoothies they also serve lattes, wraps and acai bowls. 

I ordered a breakfast wrap with a custom blueberry and almond butter smoothie. All their ingredients are organic and non-processed, which was immediately evident upon tasting my order. It felt like the kind of food that I should be eating, but never do.

I asked an employee what kinds of people come into the store. 

“We do get a lot of people fresh from the gym,” he said. “There’s actually a really big age range. We have teenagers, college students, and we even get some older people as well.” 

He also told me that they have two employees associated with Creighton, and that Creighton students come in often.

The store has been doing community outreach through the local farmer’s market. The store also collaborates with “Orangetheory Fitness” right down the street; they had a pop-up today, advertising their workout classes and programs. 

The manager, Chris, came into the store soon after my first interview, allowing me to talk with him for a few minutes. He helped open a location in Lincoln and then got transferred to the Omaha location to help get it up and running. 

Business has been doing so well in the Omaha location that they are “…scheduled to open three more stores in Omaha within the next two to three weeks,” Chris said. 

So, if you’re in Omaha, keep your eyes peeled during the coming weeks!

If you’ve been convinced to start becoming a loyal customer for Clean Juice but have no idea what to get, not to worry. I was able to get some good recommendations from the staff. For smoothies, The So Basic One, The Coffee One, and The Creamsicle One are the way to go. For juices, Chris recommended Red, which has organic apple, beet, carrot, and lemon. For wraps, I’d personally recommend The Breakfast Wrap. 

If you just got back from the gym or if you’re looking to upgrade the food you eat for just a few extra bucks, I’d highly recommend Clean Juice.

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