Creighton forward Martin Krampelj suffered his third anterior cruciate ligament tear last season but is ready for the upcoming basketball season on the horizon. 

Coming back from one ACL injury is typical for an athlete. Coming back from three is almost unheard of. 

After landing awkwardly on a teammate’s foot in the Seton Hall game last year on Jan. 17, Krampelj never questioned his return to basketball.

“I love basketball,” Krampelj said. “I love what I do, and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”

A typical ACL injury recovery spans from six to nine months. Krampelj is confident that his most recent ACL injury has given him motivation and has also equipped him with patience for all of life’s circumstances.

Missing the remainder of the season and being uprooted from the gym to the training room is no athlete’s dream. However, Krampelj, a native of Slovenia, took this setback as an opportunity to better himself. He is hopeful that he can stay healthy for the upcoming season and that the Bluejays can play some good basketball this year.

Teammate Mitch Ballock complimented Krampelj’s daily rehab efforts.

 “That was fun to watch,” Ballock said. “His spirits were high and his mental attitude was very strong.”

Similar remarks would come from Ben McNair, the Director of Athletic Medicine and head men’s basketball trainer, as he worked along Krampelj during his rehab process. 

A new season always holds high hopes, but the stakes are especially high for Krampelj this year. 

“I just want to get back on the court,” Krampelj said. “I want to be a leader of the team this year.”   

Ballock describes Krampelj as a teammate who is a vocal leader and an energy giver. These qualities may benefit the Bluejay squad as there are new faces on the team this year but still a high standard to win. 

Krampelj says the team has set high goals including making the NCAA Tournament by winning games step by step in the Big East conference. Ballock believes the Bluejays are prepared to take care of the little things this year, including paying more attention to detail in their defensive game. 

Krampelj was named an honorable mention in the preseason All-Big-East selection and believes that this recognition will only fuel him to work even harder. With the season right around the corner, hopes are high for Krampelj’s return and success for the Bluejays.

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