Anthony Robinson screening station

Assistant sports information director Anthony Robinson runs the COVID-19 screening station in the Hixson-Lied Science Building. 

From working in Creighton’s athletic department to manning the COVID-19 screening stations, faculty and staff are settling into different roles on campus amid the pandemic.

Since the start of the academic year last month, Wilbur DeLashmet, assistant director of marketing and social media, and Anthony Robinson, assistant sports information director, have each taken charge of a COVID-19 screening station.

Since last spring, the two’s roles with the athletic department have shifted as sports faced cancellations and postponements.

Typically, DeLashmet oversees all social media for Creighton’s teams. But without competitions, his role didn’t call for the same focus.

He now runs the screening station in the Kiewit Fitness Center Monday through Friday.

Robinson, typically the point of contact for the men’s soccer, softball and the men’s and women’s tennis programs, now monitors the station in the Hixson-Lied Science Building.

While he says his primary focus will always be the athletic department, he’s appreciating being back on campus and being able to have short interactions with new and familiar faces.

“I enjoy being able to see people again. It was either this or work from home,” Robinson said. “It was a great opportunity to be back on campus and to see quite a few people every day.”

Their main responsibilities include monitoring temperatures and ensuring those coming to campus complete the self-screenings on the #CampusClear app every day.

Although Robinson’s and DeLashmet’s current duties are different from what they’re used to, they are both grateful that they are able to help Creighton’s community in keeping students, faculty and staff safe.

DeLashmet called it a “fluid situation,” but for now, he and Robinson will continue screening until at least Oct. 25.

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