The Creighton baseball team beat North Dakota 5-0 on March 20 with the help of Reagan Fowler, who hit a two-run home run. 

Fowler, a senior first baseman and a finance major in Creighton’s Heider College of Business, took a 3-2 pitch over the right field wall. 

“I was trying to get a good pitch and I didn't want to strike out,” Fowler said. “I was at the [plate], and I got down 0-2 and he threw a slider, then he threw another slider but before hitting foul balls. Then he came back with a fastball right over home plate. 

“Before I hit the home run I knew I was going to to do so because I needed to, and once the bat connected I knew it was a home run,” Fowler added. 

 The Bluejay (16-4) have currently won 10 straight games Fowler thinks that all the team’s success is based on leadership. 

“One thing that has been the reason for the team's success is the leadership, pitching and everyone knows the expectations of this season,” Fowler said. “We all have been through long baseball seasons, so we know how to treat our bodies and be resilient throughout the long season.” 

Fowler said Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals is his favorite player and a role model for him.  

“I really try to model my game after him,” he said. 

As a finance major, Fowler is is looking for any job opportunity in the field. 

“I have balanced baseball and school,” Fowler said. “So I can be aware of everything that is going on in the business world.” 

Fowler said the team has been playing well and that he hopes the team can make it to the NCAA Tournament. 

Reagan’s teammate David Gerber was very ecstatic about Fowler’s home run. 

”We were doing a really good job, and Ray was going up to bat and I knew Reagan was going to do something good, based on his previous performances in games and at practice,” Gerber said. 

Freshman Drew Cayce, a basketball player at Creighton, said he enjoyed the game. 

“When I first got to the game I was on my phone,” Cayce said. “And as I got off the phone as that happened Reagan hit a [home run], and I was very excited.”

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