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Kaleb Joseph, the former Bluejay guard who graduated in 2019, uses basketball to engage with young voters. Workout for Registration helps young people register, vote and learn more about politics.

Former Bluejay guard Kaleb Joseph is using his talents and platform to encourage young people to vote through his Workout for Registration program.

This fall, he started the program, which offers free workouts to young, registered voters.

“You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference. If you can influence one person other than yourself, that is step one,” Joseph said.

After transferring from Syracuse, Joseph was active for Creighton’s team from 2016 to 2019 and played professionally in Slovenia for Košarkarski klub Zlatorog Laško following graduation.

Now, he’s back in the United States in his home state of New Hampshire, where he’s empowering the younger generation to vote and bringing awareness to politics across New England.

The idea for the reward program sparked when Joseph was scrolling through social media this summer and saw people on his feed showing support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It was the black squares and other posts during the movement that both encouraged and discouraged him, he said.

Showing support is one thing, but Joseph wanted to do more.

“What if we got all of those people to physically do something? That would create momentum,” Joseph said.

Under his program, everyone who is eligible to vote and showed proof of their registration or, if under the age of 18, showed proof that they’d influenced someone to register, would receive a workout with Joseph.

The program has resulted in 300 shares on his social media posts, more than 50 young people confirming their voter registration and 35 of those have already completed their workout with Joseph.

“I feel like for many years, the younger generations have not felt empowered or motivated or inspired to vote,” Joseph said. “Underlying issues that have been masked by our society are now coming to the surface.”

When Joseph was at Creighton, he says, there weren’t many political movements or athletes using their platform to engage with the community.

That time has changed, and he assures everyone can influence someone, even if politics feel far from their expertise.

Voting has a direct impact on the daily lives and future of the younger generation, and with a divisive world, it’s his goal to emphasize its importance.

In doing so, he reminds everyone that one decision of one person can create the momentum that will change the future of a whole generation.

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