The Creighton softball team opened up its home series against Seton Hall on Saturday. Creighton won the first game 8-3 and dropped the second game 9-7.

Sophomore outfielder Allie Reinhart had two runs, three hits and two RBIs, and sophomore infielder Anna O’Gorman had a two-RBI double during the first game in the victory over Seton Hall.

Micaela Whitney picked up the win in the circle.

“It was a little bit different because we switched catchers so it was a different pitch calling and that kind of helps throw the batters off. If it’s different for us then it’s definitely a different look for them too,” Whitney said.

The second game started with Seton Hall scoring back-to-back home runs in the first inning.

After two scoreless innings, Creighton responded with two home runs, one from senior infielder Liz Dike and one from Reinhart in the bottom of the fourth inning to put the Bluejays up 3-2.

“It definitely changed the momentum; we score two home runs and it gets our dugout loud and gets the adrenaline pumping,” Dike said.

Seton Hall didn’t allow Creighton to hold the lead long as they scored five runs in the top of the fifth inning to take a 7-3 lead.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, junior outfielder Michelle Trulin bunted for a hit to load the bases.

Dike brought the Bluejays home with a grand slam in the bottom of the fifth inning to tie up the game 7-7.

“I knew that I could hit it; I was just like it’s another at bat. We just need to get runs in. I didn’t approach it any differently than my other at bats,” Dike said.

Creighton was unable to seal the win through the sixth and seventh innings. The Bluejays allowed the Pirates to score two runs in the top of the sixth inning.

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