At the beginning of October, Creighton’s men’s basketball program was implicated during the testimony of Brian Bowen Sr., the father of 2017 recruit Brian Bowen Jr.

Bowen Sr. testified in the NCAA college basketball bribery trial in New York. and alleged during his testimony that Christian Dawkins, an agent, set up a deal with Preston Murphy, an assistant coach at Creighton.

In exchange for Bowen Jr.’s commitment to Creighton, the family would receive $100,000 and a “lucrative job.” He couldn’t recall what the salary would be for the “lucrative job.”

When Brian Bowen Jr. was first implicated in the bribery trial in the fall of 2017, Creighton athletics conducted an internal investigation and found no evidence that they were involved.

After Bowen Sr. implicated Creighton explicitly in his testimony, the Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, S.J., announced that an external investigation would take place by Bond, Schoeneck & King, a law firm in New York.

Hendrickson, along with coach Greg McDermott and athletic director Bruce Rasmussen, denied any wrongdoing in the Jays recruiting practices. 

In the end, how much does Bowen Sr.’s testimony against Creighton matter?

That all depends on if he can prove that there was an offer on the table.

As things currently stand, Bowen Sr. has not presented any evidence of said offer throughout the trial, nor has the FBI found any evidence against Creighton. Even if Murphy made the offer, the only way that Creighton could face sanctions will be if there is evidence of the offer.

This is why I believe that Creighton has nothing to fear. By adamantly denying the allegations that an offer was made, McDermott, Rasmussen and Hendrickson all put their reputations on the line.

All three individuals made the calculated decision to do this. If evidence is found against the Jays, all three will face consequences.

But we should believe in and trust the processes Creighton has in place to ensure compliance with NCAA rules. In the end, Creighton’s men’s basketball program should escape the bribery trial with no harm.

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