Wichita State served Creighton a 4-0 loss on Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri.

“This was our first match of the season that took place outside,” coach Tom Lilly said.

The loss moved the Jays to 7-5 overall.

Lilly mentioned both teams had to take into account the weather and wind instead of the usual conditions in the fast-paced indoor courts.

“The wind was a huge factor,” junior Sarah Wilcox said. “It’s something we all have to work through because it’s the same circumstances for everybody, but none of us use it as an out if we’re playing badly.”

Despite the wind and lack of wind screens, both sophomore Kate Krueger and freshman Malvika Shukla won their first singles sets, but trailed in the second sets before the match went unfinished.

“Wichita State clawed back,” Lilly said.

Three straight-set wins from Wichita State claimed the victory over Creighton before Krueger, Shulka and senior Erin Epperson could finish their singles matches against their respective opponents.

The Bluejays are currently on a two-match loss streak, but are optimistic about the final two regular season matches. Creighton takes on Nebraska-Kearney on Friday and Doane on April 17th.

“I’m definitely really excited to finish out the regular season and get into the Big East,” Wilcox said. “We will be outside in South Carolina.”

The Big East Championship will take place in Cayce, South Carolina, from April 22-26.

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