Club basketball has just made its debut on Creighton’s campus.

With a large turnout at tryouts, the new team’s attitude is one of promise.

The club began its journey from concept to reality at College of Arts and Sciences junior Sophie Tobin’s first Skutt Shutdown during her freshman year.

Tobin was upset that Creighton lacked a women’s club basketball team.

She said she was surprised there was not a team because of Creighton’s reputation as a school with strong basketball programs.

Tobin decided to do something about it.

She and a few of her friends spent most of their sophomore year working to get the team off the ground.

After a year of work, the club became official last spring.

When asked about how she feels going into the new school year, Tobin said, “Although it’s taken a long time to officially get the club started, seeing it finally come into fruition is so rewarding.”

Tobin also expressed her excitement about the future goals for the team.

While they are only competing casually against nearby schools this semester, Tobin says that they hope to begin traveling to tournaments in the spring.

The aspiration is to join a league and begin regular league play. However, right now, their main goal is to become further established at Creighton.

Tobin said she has been extremely impressed by the players that she has seen thus far and hopes to grow the program further.

“There is so much talent on the team, and I can’t wait to see how we develop,” Tobin said, expressing her optimism for the team’s future at Creighton.

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