Dotzler, Korver, Saunders at CU discussion

Former Bluejays Josh Dotzler and Kyle Korver joined junior women’s basketball guard Rachael Saunders on Sunday for a discussion on social issues the country faces today.

In a conversation on social issues in today’s world, former Bluejays Kyle Korver (’03) and Josh Dotzler (’09) joined junior women’s basketball guard Rachael Saunders to address the Creighton community Sunday night.

The discussion started by highlighting each athlete’s experience at Creighton and its value when it came to education and, even more so, leadership.

“Even since I’ve been done playing, over the years, the way we’ve been able to partner with Creighton — see how community-focused Creighton is — has really had a lasting impact on my life,” Dotzler said.

An Omaha native, Dotzler has dedicated his career to impacting the community as the CEO of Abide Ministries, a nonprofit focused on revitalizing the inner-city of Omaha.

By sharing experiences, advice, raising questions and offering challenges to one another when it comes to social issues, the three tackled topics that addressed challenges with racial inequality, the wealth gap, systems of injustice, police reform and white privilege.

Korver, now in his 13th season in the NBA, is well-known for his vocal leadership when it comes to such topics.

He continued to be vocal about social issues after his 2019 essay on white privilege.

“There’s lots of privileges in life, white privilege is one,” he said. “I have many privileges. I am white, I am a man, I am straight, I am tall. There’s a lot of things I didn’t ask for or work for, they were given to me, and because of that, they’ve given me some advantages in life.”

This conversation of the inherited privileges Korver has experienced brought up a moment from the NBA Bubble.

Korver — a member of the Milwaukee Bucks organization — and his teammates made the decision to boycott a playoff game in late August in protest of the police brutality being seen in their state.

He recalled that moment in the locker room when the team made the decision to not play and discussed the thoughts that ran through his mind.

“How do I help as a white man? What do I say as a white man in this space?” Korver said. “You know what you do? You stand with the marginalized. And when you can, you amplify their voice and you listen to their thoughts and you listen to their ideas. And you find your way to help out.”

One primary topic discussed was the Black Lives Matter movement, with one thought repeated by both Saunders and Korver: “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.”

From a student-athlete perspective, Saunders, co-president of Creighton’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee, added to that sentiment and discussed ways she sees and hopes progress continues when it comes to these conversations.

“The ability to hear multiple perspectives on this is the biggest building block that we can make in order to not only be less segregated in a way, but also be more accepting of each other,” Saunders said. “That’s a big thing we focus on here at Creighton is that Cura Personalis, that Magis core value, that sense of community, that sense of culture here at Creighton.”

While they each see their position and platform as athletes when it comes to this conversation, the three reiterated that everyone has a platform, and it’s up to individuals to find their way of using it.

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